Michael Dalgas homepage

Musician, drummer, teacher
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Less about me..

Born 1978 in Esbjerg, Denmark.
Started playing the drums at the age of eleven.

Studied at Vestbirk music folk high school in the spring of 2001.
Studied at MGK, Esbjerg, 2001-2002.
Masters degree from the Conservatory of Music in Esbjerg 2008.

Released my debute record as bandlaeader with my band Skylight Lounge 2008.

Teaches drums, rhythm, guitar and ensemble playing.

Gear :

Main drum setups :
Ludwig Jazzette (1966) 12, 14, 18".
Rogers (1970) 13, 16, 22".

Main cymbal setup (varies):
22" Zildjian Kerope
22" Istanbul jazz ride, special edetion
20" Sabian duo ride
Old 14" or 15" Zildjian K hihats (1960'ies)
Old Zildjian K 16" crash/ride (1945)

Furthermore different gongs and bells..

drummer Michael Dalgas