Musician, drummer, composer
Born 1978 in Esbjerg, Denmark
Based in Copenhagen (DK)

Education :
Graduated from Grindsted Gymnasium and HF 1999
Vestbirk folk high school 2001
MGK, Esbjerg 2001-2002
Master degree from the Conservatory of Music in Esbjerg 2008

Bio :
Starting to play the snare drum at the age of 11 in a local marching band called "Fjordblaeserne".
Got my first drum kit soon after that and began spending at least a couple of hours each day playing along with my favorite rock and heavy metal records.
Started taking piano lessons in high school and was introduced to music theory, fusion and jazz.
A drum teacher introduced me to drummers like Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, Ben Riley, Philly Joe Jones and Ed Thigpen
who have been great influences ever since.
Studied at Vestbirk Music Folk High School in the spring of 2001.
Got accepted at the "pre-conservatory school" called MGK in Esbjerg, 2001.
Get accepted at the Conservatory of Music in Esbjerg, 2002.
Master degree from the Conservatory of Music, 2008.
Release first album as bandleader "Skylight Lounge", 2009 at Barefoot Records.
Release second album as bandleader, "Death of a Tree", 2020 at Gateway Music.
Been teaching since 2002 in drumset and rhythm.
Furthermore teach guitar, piano and ensemble playing.
Experience as a "banddoctor".

Gear :

Main drum setups :
Ludwig Jazzette (1966) 12, 14, 18".
Rogers (1970) 13, 16, 22".

Main cymbal setup (varies):
22" Sabian Artisan Elite Ride
22" Sabian Artisan Light Ride (modified)
20" Sabian Artisan Prototype (modified)
14" Sabian Artisan Light hihats
15" Zildjian K hihats (1960'ies)
Old Zildjian K 16" crash/ride (1945)
21" Sabian Groove Ride

Furthermore different gongs, bells and percussion..